Jesus is the Center

                      Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.         Psalms 119:105
It is the spirit that quickeneth... the words that I speak unto you, they are spirit, and they are life.   John 6:63

I am the...

Jesus is the Center

Jesus is your Friend


It is our prayer that your spiritual life will grow, be strengthened and encouraged by visiting us.  

Jesus is truly the Great Center of our lives.  Without Him, none us have any real life, nor any real hope.

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Jesus is the Center

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Jesus is the Center

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Welcome to our web page.
We're glad you have stopped by to visit us.

Please note:  We are still in the process of developing this website, but we want you, our visitor, to feel free to look over the areas that we have up at this time. We will be adding new items, new links, and even adding or changing some of the web pages as we go, as God guides us.

The purpose of this website 

is to show Jesus in all things since before the world, His activity in the creation of this world, His presence in this world since that time, to the present time, and on into His coming, and the re-creation of the new earth.  Jesus is the Great Center of our lives.  He brings all things to life, and it is necessary for us to be reunited with Him, and continue in that relationship to live happily now, and ongoing into the future, here on this earth, and on into heaven and on into the time when this old earth will be recreated, and the saved of all ages will live ongoing forever, without end, as the saying goes, truly "happily ever after".

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It is our prayer that your spiritual life will grow, be strengthened and encouraged by visiting us.  

Jesus is truly the Great Center of our lives.  Without Him, none us have any real life, nor any real hope.

If you don't know Jesus, please consider becoming His friend.  
He is
your Friend already, and it is His hope and desire that you will get to know Him.

He has changed many lives.  
He has taken fear out of the hearts of all who He changes. 
He has changed anger, bitterness, guilt, frustration, and the like.
In the place of these negative things, He gives  joy and peace and happiness.
To all who accept His help, He only asks loyalty to Him and His Father.
They are great givers.  They are great at giving freedom to all who accept their help.  
They are great at healing relationships.  In fact, no one ever has matched their success rate at healing lives and relationships.
Jesus has never failed once on His delivery to any human being.  
What He promises, He delivers.

Give Him and His Father an opportunity at healing your life.
Give them time to do it. They are working with you, and it takes time to develop trust in Them.
They know this, and they are very considerate of you as an individual.
They know you will in all likelihood fail from time to time.  They are very forgiving of your short comings.
As your relationship with them continues to grow, you will notice that your joy and happiness will grow inside you.
You will notice that the anger, bitterness, frustration, and the like will decrease.
Your freedom will increase with Them.

As long as you stay with Them, this will continue this way.  
And, do you know that this is not just for a few days, or weeks, or months, or years, 
but as long as you live.
If you should die during this time, they will awaken you from your sleep when They come to take you to Their home.
How would you like to live like this forever - in joy and happiness - free from the anger, bitterness, fear, guilt, and the like?
Sounds to good to be true doesn't it?
Well, my friend, just because it sounds to good to be true, doesn't mean that it isn't true.
I have good news for you. 
It is true.

You get your life changed now for the better, and later you get the final installment of all the good things you can imagine,
and then some you and I may not even know now.  Whatever it is, it is far better than the best we have now.

How would you like to walk down any street and know everyone is friendly and happy.  
They won't do anything to hurt you in any way.

How would you like to know that there isn't any need any more for any hospital because everyone is well.
How would you like to know that there are no more graveyards because no one dies.
Do you realize what that means?  You won't every have to worry about when you leave, or a loved one or friend leaves.
They won't die in a plane crash, or an auto accident.  They won't die in any war because if everyone is friends,
their won't be any war for anyone to go to.  That means no more disabled men or women coming home from war.
Now, how would you like to live in a country where this is all true, and much more?
Sounds to good to be true, doesn't it?
Yes, it is to good to be true - here on this earth, with all that happens the way we know life here is - on this earth.
However, just because this is all we see, doesn't mean there isn't something somewhere else where things are different.
Is that just for someone else?  Does that mean we are locked out of that kind of life?
Well, for the time being, yes, we are locked out of that kind of life - where all people live peaceable with each other.
However, that doesn't mean we are locked out forever. 
It means that we are delayed a while until Jesus and His Father come to get us and take us to Their home.

Their home and the country where They live is far superior to anything we have seen.
We're so used to sorrow, disappointment, sickness, war, crime, hatred, and the like.
It's hard for us to even imagine that there exists somewhere else a place where all is at peace.
However, it really does exits.  There are a lot of places where peace and joy and happiness are the norm
instead of anger, bitterness, hatred, war, crime, and the like.
Just to know that there is another place like this gives us hope.

What is really neat is that we have the option of choosing to go there.

Do you realize that most people have such a hard time believing such a place really exists
that they won't accept the offer to go there.  Now, that's really sad.
They would rather refuse such a generous offer than risk what they have - 
hatred, bitterness, strife, etc.

Do you know, you have got to believe it before it will become a reality.  
If you believe it, and then do what is necessary to have it,
you will most surely have it.

Remember, Jesus always keeps His word.  He promises such a life to you and me.  
That's how much he really cares for you and me.

Let Him change your life from one of strife, stress, hatred, anger, bitterness, regret, guilt, and the like.


As you continue looking at this website, you will surely find how much Jesus really does care for you, and how much capacity He has to change your life from one of stress, regret, bitterness, hatred, guilt, and the like, to one who has peace inside your heart, joy and happiness.

He's done a whole lot for all those who have come to Him for help, and if you'll just trust Him, my friend, He'll be the best Friend you will ever have had.  Failure is not in His vocabulary, but success is.  Your success is guaranteed by His excellent word to you.  He will deliver.

Prepare for life as you have never known it before.  
Your happiness will exceed your greatest expectation.

Remember, give Him time to work with you.  He'll need it, and so will you.  This is not instantaneous healing, but it is sure and it is thorough.  
He doesn't miss a thing.

He will complete this work in your life, and forever after you will be truly happy.

Yes, there will be peace on this earth one day, but it will be for those only who choose to let Jesus change their lives.  He doesn't  force anyone.  He's just like His Father.  He doesn't force anyone either.  They would like all to come to Them for help.  

It is because They don't force anyone, that They can offer this unusual freedom to all who come to Them for Their help.  This offer is good for all.  They don't exclude anyone.  If you have ever been where you were or are excluded from a group for any reason, that won't happen here.  You will not be excluded as long as you let Them help you.

Those who do not accept Their help exclude themselves automatically from Jesus and His Father.

You don't have to.  You can accept Their help, and They will gladly give it to you.

Today is the best time to accept Their offer.

Oh, by the way, you will have no regrets either - just joy, happiness, and peace.



Thank you for being our visitor. 
It is our sincere desire that God be with you every moment of every day.
Please come again.


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